Organic Scripture Cookies Come with the Word of God Engraved

Pneuma Cookies is God's business!. We have been sending our cookies to churches and individuals who have true love for our Scripture cookies.  Our customers appreciate quality of organic product and support spreading Word of God all over the world.

Oct. 9th, 2013, while I was driving to my office in the morning, I suddenly heard the voice from God.   “You are so clueless. The dream you had was from me.   You asked me to send someone, so I sent the best man ever for you. Follow Mr. M”   It was my very first experience hearing God’s voice. (I have been praying God that I have the dream again or sending someone to me if the dream was truly from God)

One year later, the end of September, 2014, I acted on God’s instruction.  I left the company that I had worked for many years.  My beloved wife and I are now ready to follow His order. We devote the rest of our lives to help people who need the harbor of life.

We will open our home to those who need a resting place; the kind of people who are tired of living in this competitive society and who lost their ability to cope with the life. This is a Christian Faith based home.  So it requires the Bible Study and some work we assign to them. They can live with us free of charge. By having the loving but structured life style and by learning the Word of God, people regain their ability to fully live again. We have a model called Keisen-jyuku (Blessing Home) created by Mr. Mizutani in Japan which has 22 years of history (since 1996) doing just that.

Besides the harbor of life, we have started another God’s project which is actually the dream God showed me.  That is to make cookies with the Scripture engraved.